Differences between the Spanish language of Mexico and Spain

Spanish is the official language of Mexico and it is spoken by around 120 million people all over Mexico. Spanish in Mexico differs from Spanish in Spain in a few important ways. One example of this difference is that Mexican Spanish has more indigenous influences than Spaniard Spanish does. Additionally, pronunciation differences between the two varieties can be quite significant. In addition to these major differences, there are also minor variations across regions within both countries which can influence how certain words or phrases are pronounced.

¿Cuestión de opinión?

The Spanish language of Mexico is very different from the Spanish language of Spain. Mexicans primarily use Spanish for everyday communication, but they also use their native dialects for special occasions. For example, if you invite someone over for a barbecue and you want to use Spanish to talk to them, you would do so. However, if you're visiting Spain and want to speak Spanish to your friends, you should do so. Spanish in Spain is formal and polite, while Mexican Spanish is informal and friendly.

Pronunciation matters

Another difference between Spanish in Mexico and Spain is the pronunciation. In Mexico, Spanish is pronounced much the same way as the Mexican Spanish spoken in the states. However, in Spain, the Spanish is pronounced distinctly different from the Spanish spoken in México. Spaniards also use a different set of letters to write their language than Mexicans. Spaniards use the letters "ch" and "j" in many words, while Mexicans do not. Spanish in Spain also uses a "/" instead of a "u".

Latin influence in motion

Finally, one other important difference between Spanish in Mexico and Spain is the grammar. Spanish in Spain is more formal than Spanish in Mexico. Spaniards use a lot of Latin words which tend to be more complex. Mexicans, on the other hand, use more common words and simpler grammar.

There are many important differences between Spanish in Mexico and Spain. The pronunciation, grammar, and spelling of Spanish in Spain are all different from Spanish in Mexico. Spanish in Spain is also more formal than Spanish in Mexico. All of these differences make Spanish in Spain a unique experience for Spanish speakers.


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