Causes and signs of Language Processing Disorders (LPD)

Language processing disorders are often difficult to diagnose, but are treated using a variety of different therapies based on the cause of the problem.

There are three main types of therapy that are used to treat language processing disorders: speech therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

A Language Processing Disorder (LPD) is a disorder of language that impacts the brain's ability to process information and use language. People with a LPD have difficulties in understanding, speaking and writing.

LPDs are caused by a variety of factors, including injury to the brain, genetic disorders, and developmental disabilities.

The signs vary depending on the type and severity of the LPD. Not all people with a LPD will show all symptoms. Some common symptoms include: difficulty understanding words or sentences, repeating words or phrases, trouble comprehending single words or letter combinations and/or trouble processing information.

Specific Language Impairment is usually diagnosed by kindergarten or first grade. A diagnosis for a language processing disorder is considered when a child does not meet age-appropriate milestones in one or more areas, such as language production and comprehension.

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