5 Writing Mistakes Students Need To Avoid!

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Author: Jasmine Demeester

While accomplishing different academic writing projects, it is very important to you that you avoid major writing mistakes otherwise you may end up with poor writing projects. In a student life, skipping writing tasks is not possible therefore you should improve your writing skills.

Students having poor writing abilities struggle a lot throughout their academic careers and they make lots of mistakes while writing different assignments and essays. Knowing about writing mistakes is necessary as you will stay away from them while completing any academic writing project.

With your poor writing skills, it will also be difficult for you to survive in your professional career. It means that you should consider improving your writing skills. This post manifests some major writing mistakes that students make while writing. Below are those mistakes so take a look at them properly.

Using Wrong Verb Forms

It is one of the major writing mistakes that students make while writing essays and assignments so you should ensure that you avoid it otherwise your teacher will not take time to reject your essay. Using the wrong verb form can change the meaning of a sentence entirely. Therefore, you should read every sentence carefully after writing it.

The more you practice, the more you will have a command overwriting the right verb form in essays and it will enhance the chances for your essay to get accepted. Take out at least 1 hour daily to practice all three forms of different verbs in an essay and it will work out for you.

Adding Difficult Words Without Any Requirement

This mistake is very common among students who try to inspire their teachers with their writing skills. Though having diversity in your vocabulary is good but adding difficult words in your assignment and essays without any requirement is not good.

It affects the quality of your assignment or essay badly and you fail to get high marks and it affects your academic performance. Therefore, you should keep your writing simple and never think of adding difficult words in your essays without any requirement.

Getting Off The Topic

It is another mistake that many students make while writing essays and assignments, therefore, you should stay away from it. If you write an essay or assignment with a huge concentration then you will not get off the topic.

In order to keep your concentration level high, you should keep thinking about the high marks that you will get after completing your assignment successfully. This practice will definitely work out for you so never ignore it.

Saying No To Citation

You should ensure that you avoid this mistake while writing your essay or assignment. Ignoring citation means that you increase the chances of your assignment getting rejected. Therefore, you should be careful in this regard and consider citing information you add to your essay or assignment.

As you Google out so you will come across various citation tools that will make your work easy so use them and end up with a great assignment or essay.

Ignoring Spelling Mistakes

Students, who take writing lightly, often submit an essay or assignment without correcting spelling mistakes. After completing your assignment or essay, it is better that you proofread your essay. In this highly, advanced era, there are lots of useful apps that assist you to keep your essay free from all sorts of spelling mistakes.

The abovementioned are some major writing mistakes that the majority of students make. Being a responsible student, it is essential for you that you stay away from them and always write high-quality essays.

Jasmine Demeester is a professor at Dissertation Writing Service UK and teaches English to those who do not speak English as their first language. She likes writing and this is why she became a blogger. Her blogs are very interesting and it is the reason why students like her blogs.


Demeester, J. (2018). 5 Writing Mistakes Students Need To Avoid!

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