Language Learning Tip #75 - Clozemaster Games

Have you ever played Clozemaster games? Clozemaster is an effective way to learn languages. It uses the "fill in the blank" technique and works well if you're quite familiar with the language (basic to intermediate knowledge) and can guess from the context. 

When I was a child, I did not understand a lot of things I watched or read that were "adultish" but because of my curiosity I came up with ideas of my own about the meaning of things. I now understand that much of learning is guessing and trusting your instinct. Sometimes you will make errors but if you take mental notes, the correct meaning will stick to your memory while the wrong ones will be discarded. 

Clozemaster games work the same way when it comes to language learning. The only downside to this language learning technique is that, obviously, if you cannot read characters such as Japanese Hiragana or Russian Cyrillic, then you are out of luck. 

Consider this short walk-through of this game I played via I test drove it in Spanish (if you want to track your progress you must sign up) made one mistake out of ten. Fortunately, the translation is on the bottom so it's a lot easier for those who are already fluent in English and learning basic to intermediate Spanish.

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